Winter Sight Word Activities Display Chart {EDITABLE}

Winter Sight Word Activities

Are you looking for a fun winter sight word activities and a way to display sight word learning to motivate students? Then, Winter Sight Word Sharing Display Charts are perfect for you.

Winter Sight Word Activities

Winter Sight Word Activities Display

Winter Sight Snowflakes

Type 20 sight words on the list.  The words will spread throughout the snowflakes and snowballs.


There are three different versions or styles available.

Snowflake Scene

As the boys and girls learn a new sight word, they can add a snowflake to their scene.


Winter Snowman

They can add a snowball to their snowman.


Snow Mitten

Or snow to their mitten.


Winter Classroom Display

Make a classroom display.  As a new word is introduced add it to the display of your choice.


Activities Black and White

All of the activities are also available in black and white versions as well!


This unit is a part of a BUNDLE  Check it out {HERE}!

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