Polar Animal Activities for Kindergarten

Polar Animal Activities

Are you looking for a factual unit to introduce polar animal activities in your kindergarten and first grade classroom?  Our polar animal activities unit is just what you need! 

Polar Animal
This unit includes:
Polar Animal Photos
21 real photos of polar animals, sorting labels and tons of activities.
Polar Animal Activities Label
The boys and girls will label the animals 
using the cards.


Photo Polar Animal Activities
Polar Animal Activities Charts
There are several different levels of the activities.


Polar Animal Activities Facts
There boys and girls can choose three animals to draw and write facts about.


Polar Animal Writing Activities
After they learn about the animals, they can choose one to draw and write several facts about.


Polar Animal Life Activities
The boys and girls will choose one animal to write a few sentences about with Polar Life.  
Favorites Polar Animal
 Choose 3 or 4 animals.  The boys and girls will write their name on a post-it note and place it above their favorite polar animal.
My Favorites Polar Animal
Then, the boys and girls can write a few sentences about it.
Polar Animal Word Search
 The boys and girls will look for polar
 animals in this word search.
Writing Polar Animal Name
The boys and girls will practice writing polar animal names in this cute reproducible.


Polar Animal Arctic Foxes
The boys and girls will learn more about polar bears, arctic foxes, penguins, snowy owl, and harp seal with a variety of activities and non-fiction passages.


Polar Animal Penguin Activities
Each animal has comprehension pages.
Polar Bear Labels
They will continue to work on 
labeling with Polar Bear Labels.


Polar Bear Fact Craft
 They will love Polar Bear Fact Craft.
Penguin Life Cycle Craft
As well as Penguin Life Cycle Craft.
Snowy Owl Facts Craft
 They will also enjoy Snowy Owl Facts Craft.
Arctic Fox Craft
 They can share what they have 
learned with this Arctic Fox Craft.


Polar Animal Activities


Polar Animal Activities
Polar Animal Little Penguins Activities

Your students will have a blast with this unit.  Check out more science units with our bundle! 

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