Fairy Tales Activities for Preschool

Fairy Tales Activities
Are you looking for fun centers and activities that you can use with your fairy tales activities themed unit that revolves around your favorite fairy tales?  Then, you will love Fairy Tales Activities Unit for Preschool. This unit will not only help children learn new vocabulary, it will also help them learn and build important concepts and skills like common themes of fairy tales, name identification, number identification, increased story comprehension, literacy and math concepts, fine motor skills and the ability to follow multiple step directions.  This unit is set up for a more structured preschool (kindergarten readiness), but all of the activities can be adjusted to meet the needs of an open-ended or home school structure.  Fairy Tales Themed Unit for preschool is recommended for ages 3 ½ to 6. 
Fairy Tales Activities
Fairy Tales Activities
This unit includes:
-6 days of activities (with lots of activities to spare)
-suggested books:  The Three Little Pigs, Illustrated by Mel Matsuoka, Jack and the Beanstalk, by Gavin Scott, Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Carolyn & Mark Buehner, The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Anderson, Falling for Rapunzel  by Leah Wilcox
-Comprehension activities
-Large group activities
-Independent activities
-Learning tubs with bin labels
-Curricular Guide with early Standards
-Week at a Glance Plans
-Day by Day lessons

-Materials/Prep. and Directions

Here are some of my favorite fairy tales activities included in the unit!
Fairy Tales Activities Knight
The boys and girls will learn about common themes in fairy tales and build their fairy tale vocabulary.


Fairy Tales Activities Centers
Fairy Tales Activities Crafts
The boys and girls will share everything they have learned about fairy tales with their family when they come home with these cute crafts.  Bleeding tissue paper is a blast!
Fairy Tales Activities Flannel Board
 We love to retell the story using these cute flannel board pieces!  They were easy to make using iron-on transfer paper and flannel.
Fairy Tales Activities House Down
Our favorite activity was Blow the House Down with ABC’s.  The boys and girls pretend to be the wolf and blow open the pigs houses.  Then, the identify the letter and trace it on the printable.
Fairy Tales Activities Rapunzel books
Falling for Rapunzel  by Leah Wilcox is one of our favorite rhyming AND Rapunzel books.  After the boys and girls try to guess all of the rhymes in the book, they make a Rapunzel rhyming game.
Fairy Tales Activities Rapunzel's Hair
The boys and girls work on measurement and estimation with How Long is Rapunzel’s Hair.  Choose how long Rapunzel’s hair really was and the boys and girls will estimate how much yarn they will need.  Then, hang the hair on a sentence strip with each child’s estimate and analyze the data.
Fairy Tales Activities Story
Then, the boys and girls will cut out Rapunzel’s hair and glue it to the paper plate.  In the story the boys and girls find out that Rapunzel has a back door and stairs, so she no longer needs her long hair.  We had fun giving her a hair cut!  The hair and plate can fit the needs of the students in your classroom or children at home.  
Fairy Tales Activities Dice
Jack and the beanstalk is always a favorite.  It is also a great one to practice sequencing of events.  The boys and girls will race to the top of the beanstalk with this fun two-player game.  The
y will take turns rolling the dice and counting how many spaces they will climb up the beanstalk.  The first one to the top gets the treasure!
Fairy Tales Activities Beans or Gems
The boys and girls will work on one to one correspondence with this cute counting activity.  This would work well in a large or small group or at a center.  Place real beans or gems at the center as well. They will identify the numbers and place the matching number of beans on a leaf.


Fairy Tales Activities Castle
The boys and girls will watch their beanstalks grow all the way to the castle.
Fairy Tales Activities Beanstalk
The boys and girls will also have fun building this cute name beanstalk.
Fairy Tales Activities Pea
123 Where’s the Pea?  Is a fun game to play to review number identification after reading The Princess and the Pea.
Fairy Tales Activities Mattresses
How many mattresses would it take for the children to feel the pea?  This activity keeps the boys and girls talking about the book!
Fairy Tales Activities Cover Crown
One of the centers included is Roll and Cover the Crown.  The boys and girls will roll the dice, count the number of dots.  Then, they will find one of the matching numbers and cover it with a gem.


Fairy Tales Activities Crown Gems
They will continue to work on number identification and matching number to sets.
Fairy Tales Activities Crown
The boys and girls can also work on patterns with these cute crowns and pattern crowns.
Fairy Tales Activities Bubdle
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