20 Amazing Fall Preschool Centers ~Hands-On Activities for Young Learners

20 Amazing Fall Preschool Centers ~Hands-On Activities for Young Learners

Are you looking for fun and simple thematic centers that you can prep quickly for your fall preschool centers?  Fall Preschool Centers were created for children ages 4-6 and mature 3 year-olds (looking for a challenge).  These centers are sure to keep their interest and will help build important literacy, math and writing (fine-motor) skills.  This unit is also great review and practice for children leaving preschool and heading to kindergarten.  There are a lot of opportunities to practice extra alphabet and number practice.

This unit includes:

-20 Ready to go centers

-Material checklist

-Activity instructions

-Student instructions to build independence

-Bin/bag labels

-Activities in action photos

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1. Color the Room with Fall: The boys and girls will search the room for fall vocabulary. When they find a fall picture, they will color the matching fall item on their printable. For a challenge a write the room version is also included.

2. Pumpkin Surprise: The boys and girls will place candy pumpkins over the letters. Then, they will choose a pumpkin and read the letter. For more of a challenge they can trace, write or color the letter.

3. Leaf Color and Spray: Create a beautiful leaf using leaf printables and bleeding tissue paper.

4. Leaf Count: Identify the numbers on the trees.Place the matching number of leaves on the tree.

5. Build a Scarecrow Numbers 1-10: Build the scarecrows by counting the objects on the body parts.

6. Yarn Pumpkin Wrap: Cut out the pumpkin.Make little snips around the outside.The, wrap the pumpkin with orange yarn.

7. Sunflower Clipping: Build a sunflower using clothespins, sunflowers and the shape: circle.

8. Seek-N-Color Printable: Search the sensory table for the items on your printable. Color each item as you find it.

9. Bat Craft: Cut and assemble a bat.

10.Apple Trace, Write & Color: the boys and girls will choose an apple and identify the number.Then, they will find it on the printable and trace, write or color it.

11. Fall Dough Mats: Choose a card and identify the picture. Roll the dough to build the picture.

12. Pumpkin and Tree Alphabet Cover: Roll the dice and identify the letter. Cover the letter with a seed or leaf.

13. Pumpkin Seed Color Sort: Sort colored pumpkin seeds to the matching pumpkin.


14. Fall Books:Read the book and color the pictures.


15. Apple Roll & Color:Roll the dice and identify the color.Color one of the apples to match.

16. Lil’ Pumpkin Name Craft:The boys and girls will build there name.

17. Leaf Rake & Trace:Pretend to rake the leaves.Choose a leaf and identify the letter.Color or trace the matching letter on the printable.

18. Pumpkin ABC Cards:The boys and girls will match the letters using a variety of activities.

19. Pumpkin Shapes: Choose a pumpkin and identify the shape. Color the matching shape on the printable.

20.  Color by Letters: Identify the letter and read the color word.  Color the letters throughout the document to match.

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