Morning Work Collective Notebook for the Year {Kindergarten}

Morning Work Collective Notebook for the Year {Kindergarten}

Morning Work for Kindergarten is exactly what you need to help your students transition into morning work. Keep learning meaningful and intent by tracking progress and growth using this notebook and standard checklist. Gather evidence for growth in each area. The morning work for August thru January is half of a page to allow students time to adjust to the routine with a doable amount of work. Each half page has a literacy and a math activity.  Students will love the graphics and look forward to this each day. There are 20 pages in each unit. This unit is flexible to meet the needs of your students. It is time to stop wasting printables and start collecting!

What you will find in each unit:
~Unit Separator
~Options for notebook, packet or stand-alone worksheet
~20 Printables (half sheets to start, full page after November)
~Black/White and Colored Options for Covers/Separators
~Each page is numbered for easy reference to the checklist
~Each activity is aligned to the common core
~ELA Checklist Aligned to the Common Core
~Math Checklist Aligned to the Common Core
~An answer key for units 5-9.

Click {HERE} to check out the BUNDLE!  Individual Sets and a Freebie are listed at the end of the post!

The cover is available in color and black and white.  Glue this to the fronts of notebooks prior to the beginning of the year.  You can also use this as a packet cover and staple the pages to it.

The pages are numbered 1-20.  You can print out one activity at a time or have students glue two activities in their notebooks at the the same time.  After you print out the pages cut a strip of paper off of the right side to ensure it fits in all notebook types.


Each month the boys and girls will work on common core themed literacy and math activities.  The months included are August thru May and each month the images will reflect monthly and seasonal themes.  The pages will start with easy concepts and move to more challenging throughout the months.  All of the printables are full of fun images that will keep the interest of children,

Keep track of which concepts the children have worked on with checklists.  The checklists are broken down into literacy and math.  Each printable is numbered 1-20 and has the common core skill covered by each printable.  Look through the packets to check for understanding and make notes on the checklists.


Each checklist is different and will keep children engaged and will encourage discussions using thematic vocabulary.

The boys and girls will discuss letters, numbers, symbols and words as well as shapes.

They will practice identifying and finding uppercase and lowercase letters and counting objects while using ten frames.

The boys and girls will count how many words are in a sentence and measure pencils.

They will work on left to right and number identification and tracing.

By March the boys and girls will start working on a full page of math and literacy concepts.

They will have worked up to the skill set and look forward to more of a challenge.


Click {HERE} to check out the bundle!

Other sets Include:













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