Build Number Sense with Number of the Day Pre-K, Preschool, Kindergarten

Build Number Sense with Number of the Day Pre-K, Preschool, Kindergarten

Are you looking to help your young learners build number sense in a hands-on fun way?  Then you are looking for Number of the Day Calendar Companion!  This unit was designed to be a part of your daily morning meeting or carpet time for preschool and kindergarten leveled children.  This activity will become a part of your daily routine and will help students build their number sense with activities such as number recognition, writing, counting and number sequencing.   This unit was designed to fit in large or small spaces.  You can choose from colored or black and white options.  Click {HERE} to check it out!


What are the Skills Covered with this Product?

  • number identification from 0-10
  • The ability to visually discriminate between numbers
  • number order recognition (which number comes before and after)
  • matching numbers to sets
  • 1 to 1 correspondence to 10
  • writing numbers 0-10

What is Included in this Unit?

  • Curricular and suggested use guide
  • Follow along page for classroom participation
  • 6 different styles of “Number of the Day” signs
  • Black and white signs available in all activities
  • Most activities are available in a large and small size to fit any space
  • Step by Step directions with visuals
  • Number Sense checklist
  • Number identification assessment
  • Activities align to Early Learning and Common Core Standards
  • Numbers included 0-10

What are the Activities Included to help Build Number Sense?

  • Number Seek-and-Find
  • Tracing with Finger
  • Tracing with EXPO marker
  • Writing Numbers 0-10
  • Counting 10 objects
  • Ordering Numbers 0-10
  • Answering Questions About a Number Line

How do you Set this Unit Up?

Read the instructions below each picture to see how you can set this unit up in your classroom.  This unit will be placed on a wall or bulletin board near your calendar or morning meeting area.

First you will choose from a variety of sign varying from large, small colored and black and white.

Next you will pick from a variety of numbers in a variety of colors and decide how many days you would like to work on each number.  The boys and girls will name the number.

Next, the boys and girls will trace the number using their finger.

Then, they will use an expo marker to trace the number of the day.  Hang the expo marker next to the chart using putty.

Then, the boys and girls will trace the number of the day using an EXPO marker.

Next, the boys and girls will write the number.  They could also build the number.

The boys and girls will work on number sense and 1 to 1 correspondence and place the matching number of pennies on the pig.

The boys and girls can also become familiar with a ten frame as the year progresses.

The boys and girls can order the numbers from 1-10.  You can also ask them questions about which number comes before, after or in between.

Keep the boys and girls watch engaged using a follow along page.  You could place these in a sleeve and have the boys and girls use EXPO markers to save on paper.

Monitor the students ability to build number sense with an individual assessments.

Track the progress of the class with this checklist.


This unit is a part of a bundle.  Check it out {HERE}.

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