May Math and Literacy Centers for Kindergarten (20+ Centers)

May Math and Literacy Centers is 212 pages full of fun hands-on math and literacy centers that are perfect for your kindergartners to help build a strong foundation in math, number sense and literacy skills. All the centers are common core aligned and encourage independence. Students will love the colorful graphics! There are over 28 complete math and literacy activities that are sure to make your centers a blast!
Each center includes:
Teacher Direction Page for quick referencing and a list of needed materials and copying instructions for each activity
“I Can Statements” to foster student independence.
Rotation Labels for teacher use as visual rotation cards, which allows students to see center choices.
Bin Labels for easy labeling and storage.
Storage Tips and Tools each unit comes with binder labels and instructions for quick and easy storage.
Recording Sheet to hold students accountable.
Answer Key comes with activities where a key is needed.
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Write the Room with the Zoo: students will determine the missing letter in each animal word. (RF.K.2.D)
Rub-a-Dub CVC in the Tub: students will identify a CVC picture and stretch out each sound in order to build the word. (RF.K.2.D)
Real or Not Real Ocean Animals: students will determine which word (out of two choices) is the real word and record their findings. (RF.K.3.A)


Turtle Egg Mix-UP: students will unscramble sight words and write the correct word on the recording sheet. (RF.K.3.C)
The Magic Oct“e”pus: students will work with magic “e” and write the whole word on the recording sheet. (RF.K.2.B)
Pond Life Write: students will learn new vocabulary words when they write about animals found in the pond. (RF.K.3)


Pond Life Mixed-Up Sentences: students will practice building sentences, work on spacing words, capital letters and punctuation.


What Lives in a Pond?: students will read and fill in the missing word with this interactive emergent reader. (RF.K.4)


Twenty Frame Pond Buddies: students will continue to build numbers using twenty frames. (K.CC.B.4, K.CC.B.5)
Big Bubbles By Tens: students will practice counting by tens and write the missing number. (K.NBT.A.1)
Hungry, Hungry Alligator Set 2: students will compare numbers and use the appropriate symbol. (K.CC.C.7)


The Fly Trap: students will use objects (flies) to subtract and then write number sentences on a recording sheet. (K.CC.A.3, K.OA.A.1)
Collect, Graph and Write: students will count ocean animals and then they will graph their findings. (K.MD.B.3)


Missing Number Mystery: students will fill in the missing number on a hundreds chart. (K.CC.A.3, 1.NBT.A.1)
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