October Math and Literacy Centers

October Math and Literacy Centers is packed full of fun centers that will keep children busy all fall long.  It ties into the common core, but more importantly is developmentally appropriate.  The boys and girls will love all of the fun colorful graphics!
During October, I like to spend a lot of time on the alphabet.  The boys and girls know around 20 uppercase and 20 lowercase letters and are trying to make connections with the last 6.  I like to do a lot of activities where the boys and girls make connections between the uppercase and lowercase letters.  They love this cute bat match-up.  They choose a card, identify the lowercase match and dab it on the recording sheet.
Most kids know the difference between letters and numbers at this point, so Nocturnal Letters or Numbers is a great review.  I love that the students practice writing numbers and letters AND discuss nocturnal animals.
Students are starting to understand the difference between words and a sentence.  The boys and girls can practice pointing at words and count how many words are in each sentence.

We work on rhyming throughout the year.  Any time they can use the dabbers they are thrilled.  The boys and girls will find the matching rhyming pictures in each set.
The boys and girls are starting to isolate and identify beginning sounds.  The boys and girls will sort the leaves by beginning sounds and write the letters on the matching leaf.

Now that students are learning what a word is, it is important that they are able to break the words up into sounds.  Students love to clap out the syllables in Pumpkin Syllable Count.
  Building sight words is a fun way for students to look at the letter order in sight words.  
  The boys and girls are starting to use different units for measurement.  We are pumpkin crazy in the fall and they love counting the pumpkins to see how tall the fall items are.

  Geoboards are a favorite from pre-k up.  Using the geoboard on paper will help the boys and girls form tricky shapes.

Counting objects is something we work on all year.  I love that they are starting to count base ten blocks in Nocturnal Block Count.
Five Little Pumpkins is definitely a favorite topic throughout the fall.  The boys and girls will order numbers from 0-10 with these cute little pumpkins!

If the boys and girls are not ready to order numbers, they can always order objects from least to greatest.  The boys and girls always enjoy dice games.

I love to use props in the classroom.  I place 10 counting chips in the pumpkins.  The boys and girls shake and dump the pumpkin and record their chips on the ten frames.

The boys and girls will count the objects and write the numbers on the matching picture.  They will circle the picture with the largest quantity.
The boys and girls will identify the number on the child and then write the two numbers that follow.  This can be tricky for some kids.  They can usually figure it out, but may not be able to write the numbers.  They will have the choice of four numbers.

If you would like to check out October Math and Literacy Centers click (here).


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