Are you looking for a fun apple unit with a lot of options for differentiation for your preschool and/or kindergarten students?  You will love our new apple unit!  Students will learn everything they need to know about apple parts, life cycle, the seasons of apples and apple products, they will also build math and literacy skills with the fun hands-on centers! Click here to check it out on TPT)

Anchor charts are great for introduction and review of important concepts like the life cycle of an apple, apple parts and the seasons of apples.
Graphic organizers will help students clarify and store the information they have learned about apples, like: apple products, colors, types, parts and life cycle.
After learning about the parts of an apple, the boys and girls will love these cute apple part labeling crafts.
After learning about the life cycle of an apple using anchor charts and a large group life cycle building activity, students will enjoy either of the life cycle crafts and kindergartners can work on their writing skills with this life cycle labeling.
How could they forget the seasons of apples with this cute anchor chart and hand print keepsake?
Apples have Feelings is a great activity to use to help students identify feeling words and situations that make us feel certain ways.  Children will get super creative with this yummy project!
This activity is perfect for the beginning of preschool and/or kindergarten.  Students will shake 10 chips in a cup and drop the chips on their apple tree.  They will count the total number of yellow and red chips and determine which color they have more of.  To make it more challenging add one of the recording sheets.
Counting and using thongs is a perfect combination!  Students will use their fine motor skills picking “apples” and placing the matching number into the basket.  Identifying numbers and one-to-one correspondence reproducible and printable will compliment this activity.

Patterns are more fun with colorful apples!

       Matching colors and identifying color words                      are fun with hands-on centers!



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