Back to School Activities for Kindergarten

Back to school is right around the corner!  I am always excited to meet a new group of students.  It’s important to keep things light and fun, however I am always trying to sneak a baseline from the kids.  I created Back to School Math and Literacy Centers and Crafts to help students transition from 4K to kindergarten.

This little book is a great way for students to review number writing and matching numbers to sets.  To make it more fun, I let students use dabbers.
ABC Match-Up, is a fun way to to practice writing and identifying letters.  I like to keep the puzzles together for the first few months-that way the boys and girls can just focus on the letter name and how to write the letters. 
The letters on the bus focuses on a few letters at a time.  
Students will love this simple count and graph activity.  They count each school item and color the matching number of blocks below.
I like to differentiate for my students.  Beginning sound spin and write is a great activity to send home with students or at an independent center.

Number puzzle match is another way for students to practice matching numbers to sets and practice writing numbers.  You can cut the puzzles or leave them together for the first month as a review.

We work a lot on name writing the first month of school.  

Shape graphs, mazes and books are a fun way to review shapes.
I start the year out focusing on the child and how the child is feeling and important routines throughout the day.  

I love to scavenger hunts to help students get to know our classroom and school.
This is a great bus tag for the first day of school.  You can write the nus number right on the front.

The boys and girls love Just a Dot!  I love that it is a fun way to review how to use glue.


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