Math and Literacy Centers for the Year

Math and literacy centers can be time consuming.  My goal is that students can independently work at centers when I am working with small groups.   Math and Literacy for the Year {Bundle} is packed full of activities and centers that I have used and tested in my classroom throughout the year.  Those of you that have purchased centers from me in the past, know that I am constantly updating and tweaking my units.  I wouldn’t sell anything that wasn’t working in my classroom.  If something does not seem to fit, or students struggle to be independent, I will swap the activity out for a new one.
Each year is different in kindergarten.  Some years I feel that students are really high and others they are quite low.  These centers are full of developmentally appropriate centers that will grow with your students throughout the school year.  There are many options for differentiation (Click any picture below to check out the unit).

All of the centers are aligned to the kindergarten common core for easy referencing.  As you are planning your lessons each week you can pick and choose which centers you will used based on the curricular areas you hope to target.
Most of the centers come with a teacher information page (all will by September 1, 2016).  This will help you quickly understand the directions of the activity to determine if this lesson is what you are looking for in your centers.  This page, will also let you know what you will need for the lesson and the prep involved.
Most of the units come with visual directions for students.  When you are working in small groups, students will be able to refer to this page if they are not sure what to do.
 I am a big believer in visual directions.  Most of the unit (all by September 2016) come with center labels.  I place the label on the front white board under my literacy or math center labels.  If students are confused about which center to visit, they learn in the beginning of the year where to look for redirection.  I purchased the cute magnetic figures from Lakeshore Learning, but a clothespin works just as well!
As I stated above, I work hard to foster independence in my students.  If you have math or literacy bins, that students choose to work from each day, you will love the smaller labels.  I use these labels to mark the basket that I keep the center materials are in.  Any adult or child knows where to find the centers.  This has worked well for unexpected subs and to help check off my prep list.  I fill the centers on Friday of each week.
Another problem that I have always had as a teacher is how to store all of the amazing materials that you find throughout the year.  I spend a lot of time searching for my favorites and the next thing I know my prep is over.  I have used bins and file folders, but bins are expensive and take up too much space and file folders do not hold center cards very well and they tend to fall out or get lost.  That is when I discovered binders.
All of the units will contain center covers and spine labels.
Each unit comes with easy ways to store recording sheets and center labels.

 Each month you can fill your centers with fun, motivating activities that are sure to engage your students.  Each activity ties into the common core and build throughout the year to keep students challenged.  

 From CVC word building to blends and vowel sounds, your students will love these centers!

Click on each month below to see what is included.

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