Quick Checks using Exit Tickets (Math)

Math is one of my favorite subject areas!   I love all of the hands-on lessons and that students genuinely like math.  However, I found that it was really tricky to determine how each individual student was doing in the different areas of math.  That is why I LOVE Exit Tickets!  Exit Tickets allow me to get a quick glimpse at how students are doing on each standard.

The sets have been broken down into the 5 different Math Common Core Standard areas, also available in an Exit Ticket Bundle (click here):

There are four tickets on each sheet for easy copying and cutting.  Each ticket is labeled with the appropriate standard and a number.  
After students complete the activity, they can place their ticket in a slot.  I place my ticket stand near the door.  On their way out of the classroom (or on their way to a special) they place their ticket in the slot.
I collect tickets and look them over.  If students do well I check off the ticket number on the corresponding checklist.  If a student does not do well I use the information to prepare a few more activities to help him or her gain on the skill.  I like to send a few activities home and have our math assistant work with the student several times.  After a few weeks I use a different exit ticket (within the substandard) to see if the student has made gains.
This is an amazing quick check!  Students love the graphics and look at this activity as a game and not work.  Their favorite thing to do is to place a ticket in the slot:)


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