TPT Challenge Week #2 Dare to Dream

I think as teachers we are used to helping others achieve their goal.  So much so that we forget to sit down and reflect on our goals and dreams.  This was a fun challenge!

Money for a down payment:  We currently live in the suburbs in s bigger city in Wisconsin.  Currently I am loving the convenience of everything.  However in the future I would love to have some room for my children to run and explore nature.  I am hoping that extra money I earn from tpt will help me save for a nice down payment!

Money to travel:  Can you believe that I have never left the country?  My goal is to travel 3 times in the next year.  We have a trip planned for Florida in the spring and I am hoping that the other two will involve international travel!

Saving for the future:  College funds, retirement, unexpected expenses.  I want to have a nice nest egg to ensure my family has what they need!


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