I love using real pictures when I am introducing animal topics.  The boys and girls LOVE the zoo pictures.  I start the unit with the real picture book, The Zoo (included in the bundle).  It discusses the different continents the animals usually come from.  I want them to understand the animals in the zoo come from all over the world for us to learn more about them.  After the introduction I give each child an animal card and they try to identify it or use beginning sound clues.  
Zoo Friends has two different recording sheets and 18 real pictures of zoo animals.  The boys and girls get a chance to take a closer look at the zoo animals and practice writing the animal names.

I have multiple fact sheets that come with the bundle.  Each animal has a comprehension fact sheet and book.  The boys and girls love to share this book with their families.

This activity is always a hit!  There are over 35 sight words to choose from.  I purchased neon card stock from target-which has been perfect!  The zoo animals are big enough to hang around the room, if you are looking for a movement activity.  Plus it is an ink saver!

Monkeys are usually one of the favorite zoo animals.  The boys and girls love to build the words with the bananas.  This activity and activities like this help the boys and girls with sight word spelling.

This activity reviews letter sounds, sight words and how animals camouflage themselves in the wild.
Throughout our unit we talk about food that the animals eat.  This activity combines sight words and carnivores and herbivores:)
Add cake food coloring to corn syrup (Walmart party section).  
The boys and girls will paint the giraffe.  It will dry smooth with a cool sheen.  I have the boys and girls use a yard stick to measure out 20 inches of ribbon to model the giraffe life-size tongue.  I try to add art activities as much as I possibly can.  THEY LOVE THIS! Everything you need is included in the bundle.

I like the boys and girls to write the facts from the lessons when possible.  This was an easy one.  The kangaroo patterns are included in the bundle.  The boys and girls love to put the baby in and out of the pouch.

The boys and girls still love crowns.  Like I said, anytime I can add art and comprehension, I am on it!

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