April Centers

April is a fun time in our classroom!  The activities in this unit are hands on and help build on the vocabulary used throughout the months of April and May.

In April we spend a lot of time working on sight words.  I try to make it as fun as possible.  The boys and girls love Spring Sight Word Search seen below.  They search the room for the fun spring pictures and write the sight word next to the picture on the recording sheet.  They can color the picture to match.
Building sight words is a great way for students to look closer at the spelling of the sight words and will help them see the differences in the words.  We talk quite a bit about bees and their importance in the spring.  This is a cute way to get the boys and girls to discuss and review bees.
I always hold the boys and girls accountable for their work.  After they build the words they record it on the sheet below.
Spring Sight Word Race is a fun quick, no-prep activity.  The boys and girls roll the dice and write the word next to the matching number.  I let the boys and girls use colorful marker.  They color the winning spring animal.
We work hard on word families throughout our third trimester.  Most of the boys and girls can identify the beginning and ending sounds of words.  The boys and girls choose a flower and identify the picture.  They try reading each of the words until they find the matching word. They mark the word using a bee (attached to a clothespin).  They write the word on the recording sheet. 
Flower CVC Cover-up and Write is another fun activity see if students can identify and spell simple CVC words.  The boys and girls will identify the simple pictures and match the word to the picture.  They are color coded for struggling students.  Higher students may not need to use the petals.
The activity is a fun way to look closer at words.  The boys and girls will sort the raindrops under the matching digraph cloud.  They will identify the digraph and color it on the recording sheet below.


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