Frugal 14th Sale for Pre-K and Kindergarten

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What Math Concepts Should I Teach in November (Kindergarten)?

It is hard to believe that November is here!  For a lot of schools, they are getting close or starting quarter  2.  For many of…

Forest Math and Literacy Centers

I am excited about our new unit Forest Math and Literacy Centers.  50% off for the next 24 hours!

Why Should you use Interactive Sight Word Notebooks?

As a teacher I always felt a little guilty about how much paper I used on any given day.  And now as a parent, I…

Let’s Get Organized!

I have taught for over 11 years and I don’t think I have ever thrown anything away:)  So this year I decided is the year…

Fall in Love with Kindergarten

Living in Wisconsin, fall is a huge theme in my classroom.  We start talking about fall in September and end December first.

Ten Frame Seasonal Room Decorations

I love room decorations that serve a dual purpose.  Ten Frame Seasonal Room Decorations help students learn number and object correlation, but are pleasing to…