Nocturnal Animal Unit for Kindergarten (20+) Centers, Crafts, Science and Writing Activities

Nocturnal Animal Unit for Kindergarten (20+) Centers, Crafts, Science and Writing Activities

Are you looking for a factual science unit about nocturnal animals that will tie  into your next generation life science unit standards?  Our nocturnal animal unit looks closer at animal needs and the adaptions used to help them survive.  It is also packed full of fun interactive activities that will keep them engaged for weeks!

I always start out each new thematic unit with a good book.  Below are a few of my favorites (affiliate link).  Click on the pictures. below to check out each book.


Vocabulary cards are a great way to start discussing nocturnal animals.  There are 21 cards included so there may be a card for each child.

There are so many activities that will help them look closer at the new vocabulary words.  The boys and girls can choose their favorite animal and write about it.

The boys and girls can also use the nocturnal animal cards to make a list.

The boys and girls can practice identifying the animals and writing their names.

This unit also provides opportunities to write summaries or opinions about nocturnal animal topics.

In large group the boys and girls can play a fun clue game.

This puppet craft was a fun way to review nocturnal animals.

This is one of our favorite activities.  The boys and girls will make this interactive book, by choosing several of their favorite animals to complete this book.

When we discuss nocturnal animals I always include diurnal animals as well.  We look at the important characteristics and adaptations of nocturnal animals and compare it to the diurnal animals.

If you really want to go into detail.  I have also included 5 animals that are both nocturnal and diurnal.

After we learn about nocturnal, diurnal and both we use a Venn diagram to help us sort the animals.

The boys and girls loved creating this craft showing both nocturnal and diurnal animals.


The boys and girls will look closer at important vocabulary words used throughout this unit by making this cute book.

Create this nocturnal animal mural in your classroom to keep the learning going.  Everything seen here is included.

Look closer at four nocturnal animals: owls, bats, porcupine and skunks.  Each animals comes with a non-fiction passage, comprehension questions and pages, graphic organizers, sentence writing and crafts.  See all of the pics below.

Your students will have a blast with this unit.  Check out more science units with our bundle! 

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