20 EDITABLE Kindergarten Sight Word Activities for October Fall, Pumpkins and Leaves

20 EDITABLE Kindergarten Sight Word Activities for October Fall, Pumpkins and Leaves

Editable Kindergarten Sight Words Activities are a game change for your fall centers.   This hands on sight word unit is full of editable and easy to modify centers and activities.  These sight word activities are theme based and can easily be implemented into any reading program.  Click {HERE} to check it out!

Choose 20 words that you would like your students to work on and type them into the boxes.  The words will spread throughout the document.

Every child is at different levels.  Some may feel more comfortable with 5 words at a time.  They can take a list home with them to practice.

Click {HERE} to check it out!

Track progress with a checklist.  This is a great document to share with parents.

Pumpkin cards can be used throughout your centers in October.  The boys and girls can practice writing on white boards, in sand, using beads etc.  There are four extra cards that say edit-that you will have to choose words for to use in other activities throughout the unit!

The boys and girls worked to build the words in multiple ways.  We attached foam pumpkins to toothpicks and stuck them into miniature hay bales from the Dollar Store.

They also built the words using pumpkin seeds.

We also wrote the letters on the pumpkin seeds and the boys and girls used the seeds to build the words.

The boys and girls choose a BINGO card.  Then, they took turns choosing a pumpkin card and read the words.  They continued until someone had BINGO.

I LOVED the stickers in this unit.  You will need to purchase AVERY 24 round stickers per page.  Print them out on the stickers and use them for fun activities like memory or go fish!

I placed the stickers on foam bats and they matched the words and then wrote the matches they found on one of the printables below.  You could also use pumpkin foam pieces!  Your imagination is the limit!

Color by Sight Words is always a big hit!

Sight Word Activities for Kindergarten also includes a Spin and Color and Spin and Write.

Spiders are also a fun topic in October.  The boys and girls had fun matching sight words to spider webs.

I made it more hands on by writing the sight words on these cute web bags from Target and big sparkly spiders!

The boys and girls rolled the dice and placed a pumpkin seed on the matching words.

They also rolled the dice and placed a variety of mini leaves from a craft store over the matching words.

First the boys and girls raked the leaves and then they wrote the words on their paper.  This activity also includes paper leaves and a printable with the words on the leaves to practice matching.

Tic Tac Toe is another fun way to practice reading and writing sight words.

Another fun Sight Word Activity was Pumpkin Surprise.  First the boys and girls place pumpkin candy or foam pumpkins over the circles.  Then, they choose one at a time to read.  They can color or write the word on one of the pumpkins.

5 Little Pumpkin Sight Words is another great activity to help focus on each letter in the sight word.

Pumpkin Seed Count will help boys practice counting and reading sight words.

Crafts make everything more fun!  They will not only make a cute bat, they will practice writing their sight words!


Are you looking for more sight word activities for the year?  Then check out the GROWING bundle.  Click {HERE} to check it out.


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