Game Changing Sight Word Activities for Kindergarten ~Interactive Notebooks

Game Changing Sight Word Activities for Kindergarten ~Interactive Notebooks

Are you looking for sight word activities for kindergarten that the children will be able to take home and share with families?  Interactive Sight Word Notebooks, are exactly what you need to introduce and continue to practice sight words with your students. This book was specifically designed for kindergarten students. The activities are engaging and not too repetitive. Each activity is unique and will keep them interested. Students in kindergarten will be able to cut out the activities independently in small groups (perfect for a small group with teacher activity). Each unit will help them identify, read and spell sight words.

The words are taken from the Dolch Pre-Primer and have been broken down into 4 sets of 10 words.

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Or individual sets:  Set 1 {HERE}, Set 2 {HERE}, Set 3:  {HERE}, Set 4:  {HERE}

Each Set Includes:
-Page Cover
-Sight Word List (all 40 words)
-Sight Word Checklist
-Sticker/Color It
-Build It
-Build It (Mixed-up Words)
-Rainbow Write
-Interactive Flip Book Trace and Write
-Sight Word Cut/Sort
-Read and Write Sentences
-Read, Trace, Write
-Sight Word Flip Book
-Sight Word Match-Up
-Words I Know Pockets


Each set comes with a fun checklist.  This will be glued to the front of the notebook.  As the children master the sight word and sight word activities they will color the picture of the animal.


Each set also comes with a page separator that will introduce the words they will be working on.

Each set includes a fun sight word build it page.  The letters are scrambled and they have to order the letters to build the sight word.

Each unit includes an activity for the children to build the sight word.  The letters are already in order, they need to cut and paste the letters back in order.

Each unit has a trace the sight word rainbow pages.

The boys and girls will cut and paste the matching sight words in the bowl.


The boys and girls will practice tracing and writing words with this cute interactive activity.

The boys and girls will trace the sight words and place the matching vehicles under the garage.


The boys and girls will trace and write each of the sight words.

They will also make this flip book and write the sight word under the flap.

The boys and girls will also practice reading and writing the sight word in a sentence.


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